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Pilgrimage context:
Day 3, morning, purchased lunch

Pilgrimage includes:
coach transport, entrance fee, guided tour, video presentation

Tara is the place where pagan Celtic Ireland and Christianity meet

• Known as the Soul of Ireland
• Hinge place where ancient Celtic world and Christianity intersect
• Place where High Kings of Tara crowned
• Reputed place where Saint Patrick confronted the High King with an Easter fire

Republic of Ireland; rural

• 51 miles northwest of Dublin, 1 hour drive along the M3
• 500 foot hillside overlooking the Boyne River Valley in County Meath
• 100 acre site with splendid views of River Valley

Celtic Saints Association:
Saint Patrick, Saint Columba

Tourist Amenities:
cafe, gift shop, public restrooms, car park, visitor center video

Historical Monuments:
• Ráith na Ríogh, ‘Fort of the Kings’
• Forradh ‘Royal Seat’ hill fort
• Teach Chormaic, hill fort i
• Lia Fail, ‘Stone of Destiny’
• Saint Patrick Church
• Saint Patrick statue