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Clonmacnoise, Ireland

About Celtic Way Pilgrimages

How can the ancient Christian practices of prayer and reflection, communion with nature, and pilgrimage help to answer the deep unease many of us experience as we navigate the often-disconnected feelings that seem to accompany modern living?  What can be learned from the unique experiences the early Celtic saints lived that can help to bring soul care, healing, centeredness and even joy to our core as humans?

Celtic Way Pilgrimages have been created in the belief that the unique thread of Christian spirituality developed in the remote areas of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales between the 5th and the 11th centuries has a great deal to offer the seeking person of today.

Celtic Christian Spirituality is marked by a hunger for a sense of God’s continuous presence, a deep love for creation, and a belief that all of life if sacred.  With Celtic Way Pilgrimages we will not only learn about how these wonderful practices and perspectives came into being, but we will be given the opportunity to experience the benefit of these deepening spiritual practices ourselves, in the actual sacred places where they were developed.

We invite you to join with us as we….

Bask in the natural beauty of the Emerald Isle and the windswept shores of Iona.

Journey to ‘thin places,’ destinations where it is said the membrane between this world and the eternal realm is permeable.

Follow in the footsteps of holy men and women whose lives burned brightly with a desire to know the love of God.

Learn the spiritual practices that deepened their faith and that can nourish ours today.


About Georgia Sanders, Founder, Culture Honey Touring

With a professional entrepreneur background in marketing, multimedia and entertainment, Georgia Sanders has traveled extensively in the U.S., Europe and the United Kingdom.  A pivotal season of Georgia’s multiple trips abroad was studying Italian history and culture for three months in Florence, Italy.  Upon returning from Florence, Georgia was inspired through what she calls a “personal renaissance” to found the online travel & culture magazine CultureHoney.com.  In addition to travel & culture, the online magazine also highlights humanitarian and social justice issues, firming believing that to truly understand another culture, or another person, something of their suffering must also be understood, and this leads to a holistic approach to life.

Importantly, Georgia’s background also includes investing four years on staff at a local church community in Southern California.  While helping to spearhead volunteers, she also used her organizational skills and natural giftings in hospitality to welcome and host many international and multi-cultural guests.  Her role in the community included bringing people together in weekly gatherings focused on spiritual practice as well as helping to facilitate large international conferences annually. “My favorite aspect of working in a local spiritual community was helping to facilitate spacious times for people to relax, become open to the stillness of God, and to connect meaningfully with others seeking to deepen their spiritual journey.”

An overflow of the travel & culture magazine she founded in 2015, the Celtic Way Pilgrimages and other upcoming tours are an organic outgrowth of her love of travel and culture as well as a desire to bring people together to appreciate and celebrate our common humanity.

Encouraging all to expand personal horizons through reading, lectures and media viewing, she understands that actually “being there” can result in a truly life impacting experience.

About Culture Honey Touring

Culture Honey Touring offers distinct, hand crafted, small group tours to destinations in Ireland, Britain and Europe.

Pilgrimage participants, while outwardly traversing the beautiful and historical itineraries designed by Culture Honey Touring, are invited to journey inward, to learn from the ancient Christian Celtic saints as well as those who continue their spiritual practices today.

Join with Culture Honey Touring and be transported by the natural beauty of new landscapes. Be enriched by the stories, arts, culture, and cuisine of our global neighbors. Encounter new perspectives and make new friends.  Our desire is that each participant return home refreshed, renewed and feeling a sense of peaceful connectedness with God and others in a new and lasting way.

The mission of Culture Honey Touring is to provide life-enriching, life-transforming experiences through hand crafted, small group pilgrimages and tours