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Catherine & Georgia, Glendalough, Ireland

People of Note: Catherine Hommes & Georgia Sanders of Culture Honey Touring

People of Note: Catherine Hommes & Georgia Sanders of Culture Honey Touring

Catherine & Georgia, Glendalough, Ireland ,
Catherine & Georgia, Glendalough, Ireland, June 2018
Catherine & Georgia, Glendalough, Ireland, June 2018

The Birth of Culture Honey Touring:

It all began in Italy! Culture Honey Touring was born in the autumn of 2014 when two American women from opposite coasts met in Florence, Italy. While savoring cups of cappuccino at Roberto Cavalli’s Caffe Giacosa, they discovered that they each carried the same dream… to share the wonder and life-enhancing gift of travel with others.

Their Story:

An adventure-minded lass from early on, Georgia Sanders grew up with her school-teacher mom tossing her and her little brother in the back of a Ford camper pickup truck each summer for a road trip journey. Wind in their hair, they left their home in the San Gabriel Valley of southern California and often headed north toward extended family, up the Pacific coast and into Oregon. Along the way, stops would be made at each and every historical landmark, museum and old-time country barn (for photos!). As Georgia married and raised her two daughters, the adventure continued. Places like Florida, Colorado and the four corners of the U.S. were followed by trips to Norway, England, and France. Since participating in a three-month study-abroad program in Florence, Italy, and meeting Catherine, Georgia has not only founded this travel and culture magazine, www.CultureHoney.com, but also has dreamed of sharing the joyful discovery of travel with others.

Catherine & Georgia & Cappuccinos, Florence, Fall 2014!
Catherine & Georgia & Cappuccinos, Florence, Fall 2014!

Although they met in Italy and will be offering Renassaince Women themed tours in the near future, Catherine & Georgia feel that it is important to have a deep spiritual foundation for their unique tour offerings. Georgia had just begun to discover the threads of Celtic Christian perspective when she met Catherine and found a friend well-versed in the practices and history of these faithful men and women.  This friendship connection has blossomed into what will be the first offering of Culture Honey Touring, a Peregrinatio Pilgrimage to Ireland!

Catherine Hommes was introduced to Celtic Spirituality at a church retreat over two decades ago. “I was thrilled to learn about this stream of Christianity that sees God’s presence palpably displayed in Creation and also believes that God is interested in every aspect of daily life,” Catherine recalls. Catherine also loves the Celtic Christian appreciation for beauty and its artistic expression as well as the commitment to responsible stewardship of all creation.

Celtic Christians are known for their vibrant faith and their intimate relationship with God. Prayer, worship, and pilgrimage are a few of the practices that foster close communion with a loving Creator. Beginning and ending each day with prayers of praise and thanksgiving and inviting God to participate in every activity of the day are key components of a Celtic pattern for living. “My spiritual life continues to be deeply influenced by integrating these spiritual practices and perspectives into my daily life.” Catherine has travelled to Celtic holy places in Ireland, Scotland, and England and is a teacher, church historian, and spiritual director.

Catherine Hommes & Georgia Sanders of Culture Honey Touring
Catherine & Georgia, Boston’s North Shore, September 2015

During the past three years, Catherine and Georgia have invested endless hours on Skype and cashed in countless air miles to meet in Massachusetts, California, New York and Chicago with one purpose in mind. The goal has been to craft a cluster of tours focused on Celtic Christian Spirituality (Peregrinatio Pilgrimages) as well as to design a series of tours that bring to light the important and unique roles that women have played throughout history (Women of History Tours).

Peregrinatio Pilgrimages:  Celtic Christian Ireland

Within days, Catherine and Georgia will fly to Ireland to set in place the details for their first tour offering, a Celtic Pilgrimage to Ireland! Sacred places such as Downpatrick, Armagh, Kells, Hill of Tara, Kildare, Glendalough, Clonmacnoise and Doonbeg will all be minutely explored. Cities like Dublin and Galway and natural wonders of Creation such as the Cliffs of Mohar will be visited in order to give historical and environmental context to the tours. Excitement is in the air! Following this scouting expedition, the final itinerary (and cost) for the maiden tour of Culture Honey Touring will be set!

“Pilgrimages are as old as time itself and of almost universal significance. They were as much part of the Celtic tradition. It is said that all pilgrimages spring from a deep yearning for an encounter with the Divine. This yearning draws people to special places associated with the Divine, whatever their faith. To be a pilgrim is to invite change, conversion, new perspectives, a deeper life.” ~ from the Solas Bhride Centre website…..

Along with Catherine and Georgia, Peregrinatio Pilgrimage guests will spend twelve days following in the footsteps of those Celtic saints who transformed a pagan and warrior society through preaching about the love of God. The group will hear the stories of Columba, Brigit, Brendan and Kevin and be introduced to the practices that fostered their vibrant spiritual lives. Tours will visit the ‘thin places’ where it is said that heaven and earth meet and where these saints lived and prayed. Especially exciting are places such as the community in Glendalough and another in Kildare called Solas Bhride that were developed and continue thriving to the present day.

The first Peregrinatio Pilgrimage will be a tour that provides pilgrims the opportunity to drink in the natural beauty of the Emerald Isle, journey outward to those sacred pathways where Ireland’s unique thread of Christian spirituality took shape, and journey inward to the ‘place of one’s resurrection’. These pilgrimages are set for fall 2019. Details will be announced this coming October!

About Culture Honey Touring:

Culture Honey Touring offers distinct, hand-crafted, small group tours to foreign destinations in Great Britain and Europe. Guests are invited to join the journey to distant shores for unforgettable adventures.

Feast on beauty! Be enriched by the arts and architecture, culture and cuisine of another place. Travel back in time to relive events that shaped the world in which we live. Be inspired by the heroes and heroines of the past. Encounter new people, develop new friends. Make a positive contribution to our global neighbors.

The mission of Culture Honey Touring is to provide life-enriching and life-expanding experiences through foreign travel.

Encounter. Engage. Enjoy!


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